In 1706 New Mexico governor Francisco Cuervo Y Valdes founded the new villa de Albuquerque now the current Albuquerque which became the principal settlement of the Rio Abajo or lower river district. The area is known for saint amount. Also, Flamenco is a type of dance that is popular in Albuquerque. Among the best hotel is the Chaco hotel whereby they got your back if you are looking for somewhere to rest their services are great.

Among the Albuquerque, tourist attraction is the international balloon fiesta where more than 200 hot air balloon take part giving you a good beautiful view and this is the greatest balloon in the world. Also, there is a museum of art and history, different art and material remains have been preserved which were used in Ancient times.

It has grown to be the largest city in the state, it provides visitors with the taste of southwest life the area is suited well and in a manner that the award-winning climate enjoys hiking, motorbike, and cycling where you can enjoy these services while finding more about the tour.

It comes a time where the latter years of life will be spent, many desires to lie in comfort of their home .with this many elders experience personal challenge requiring assistance, and by this, a family member becomes an assistant by default. And that is why Albuquerque care at home company offer’s services by assisting the elderly in a living dignified independent live within the familiarity of their own home. Many of the client who has received their services view as an extension of their own family. Every member of Albuquerque care at home is compassionate and desire to make a positive difference to those they take care of.

The user for in-home care at Albuquerque tends to be older 42% of seniors over the age of 80 rely on professional care that they provide. So most people want to be in their home, and that’s is what home hospice helps to facilitate. Guiding Hand Home Hospice comes to the patient rather than the patient coming to an in patient facility. Here they do not only treat the patient but the whole family. This is the palliative care mantra of our agency.

They never go in with an agenda rather than they leave them at the door since it is important for patients and families to tell them what is most important to them, so that they can tailor the services available. Examples would be the need and frequency of a home health aide for bathing and personal care. Or, a nurse for wound care and management. They are there to listen and identify what it is important to this person as now the focus is on quality of life.

They have nurses who visit patients a couple of times per week and a social worker for each patient. Also, there are chaplains that help with bereavement. Hospice aides who are often some of the most revered providers according to the patients. They have been working in the palliative care 108 years in New Mexico.